Maine Men Against Violence & Sexism

138 Pleasant St.
Farmington, ME 04938


Maine Men Against Violence and Sexism is here to help men help each other: To end the violence that permeates our culture, and to support one another in that work. Men need to get involved in ending rape, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse. We as men perpetrate the vast majority (95%) of the assaults, and yet the topic is usually framed as a "Women’s Issue."

We want to make it very clear that we men must get involved because we are involved. We are perpetrators, survivors, and friends of survivors, and need to get involved. We have grand-mothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, wives, girlfriends, daughters, grand daughters and others who have or may become the subject of abuse.

Volunteer Opportunities

Coordination: Jeb Enoch (207)778-3992 or (207) 778-9522