The Community Connector was established in the spring of 2005 as one place to go to search for services and opportunities in Greater Franklin County.

The Community Connector is sponsored by The Health Community Coalition.

The Healthy Community Coalition

Founded in 1989, Healthy Community Coalition (HCC) is an affiliate of the Franklin Community Health Network with a mission of promoting health and well-being in Franklin County, Maine and neighboring towns along the county, including Livermore Falls.

HCC runs programs and events to support healthy lifestyles that prevent disease and improve quality of life. HCC also helps neighborhoods grow and thrive—building a stronger and healthier community for everyone. Our mobile health unit and community outreach efforts appear in every town and corner of our community, offering screenings and health information, and task forces, volunteers, and health advocates take on the issues that matter in our towns and neighborhoods.

HCC is one of the largest and oldest healthy communities organizations in the country, and the affiliated volunteers and staff have received many awards and citations. HCC helped found the Maine Network of Healthy Communities and takes pride in its connection to the worldwide healthy communities movement.

HCC sets its goals by the priorities of our community. To understand the perspective of our neighbors, HCC administers the biennial Community Health Visioning on behalf of co-sponsors including FCHN, Health Leaders Forum, United Way of Tri-Valley, and HealthReach Community Health Centers. Also to help us understand the issues that matter in our community, HCC researches and disseminates periodic health assessments to report on the health status of our community and how our health compares with others in Maine and nationally. Using information from the Visioning and the health assessment, HCC sets goals and measures progress. The HCC Board of Directors has developed “tree diagrams” that outline HCC goals, strategies, and how HCC plans to measure its effectiveness.

HCC exists because of the generosity and support of a variety of agencies, foundations, and individuals. We are grateful to our many friends in our community who donate when they visit our mobile health unit and community events. And HCC is proud that Franklin Memorial Hospital, our affiliate, stands by us and values prevention and community building with their generous donation to HCC. We are also thankful for our first funder, the Bingham Program, for making it possible to start HCC.

Healthy Community Coalition
105 Mt. Blue Circle, Suite #1
Farmington, ME 04938