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Q: Is there a dentist in the area that is accepting new MaineCare patients?

Yes, there is a dentist in the area that accepts new MaineCare patients.

Community Dental: Community Dental is an agency committed to providing accessible dental care services, education, and health promotion to people in Maine. Dedicated, professional, and caring staff strive to deliver high quality services to everyone. Community Dental believes that these efforts are key in promoting and maintaining long-term improvements in health and well being for each individual it serves. All insurances are accepted, including MaineCare. Accepting new patients. There is a limited waiting list for new patients; individuals who are not patients but who have an emergency can be seen usually within 48 hours. Phone: (207) 779-2659, 131 Franklin Health Commons (in the brown building next to Franklin Memorial Hospital), Farmington, Hours: Monday-Thursday 7-5:30 p.m.

There are other dental offices that may accept new MaineCare patients. Please check out the Dental section accessed from the category section of this web site.

Healthy Community Coalition

Founded in 1989, Healthy Community Coalition (HCC) is an affiliate of the Franklin Community Health Network with a mission of promoting health and well-being in Franklin County and neighboring towns, including Livermore Falls.