HealthReach Community Health Centers

on the 3rd Floor
Hathaway Creative Center on the 3rd Floor
10 Water Street, Suite 305
Waterville, ME 04901


Varies at each location, some evenings and on call 24/7.


Welcome to the website of HealthReach Community Health Centers. We provide acute, chronic and preventive medical services to 28,000 Maine residents and visitors each year. We are part of the United States Public Health system where 1,400 grantees provides primary care to 28 million Americans in over 11,000 Community Health Centers (CHCs) sites spread across 50 states.


Directed by boards with majority consumer membership, CHCs focus on meeting the basic health care needs of individual communities. We provide treatment regardless of income or insurance coverage. Since the early 1960s, CHCs have worked closely with local people to identify unmet health care needs and to help meet those challenges. The original intent of the health center movement was and continues to be to provide access to quality health services. Our centers serve as a gateway to health services by providing geographic access to patients (many of the HealthReach practices are located in rural areas where primary care services are not readily available) and financial access to health services for patients through our Affordable Care Program.


Cost depends on service requested. All major insurance companies and managed care health plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid are accepted. A Sliding Fee Program is offered through funding from the U.S Bureau of Primary Health Care. This program, based on family size and income, is available for patients who qualify.