Frannie Peabody Center

30 Danforth St, Portland, ME 04101


Providing access to care through case management, support services, behavioral health counseling, and housing assistance programs supports individuals in adhering to critical HIV medication, thus lowering HIV viral load.  Sustained viral load suppression reduces the risk of transmitting HIV and contributes to lasting health and wellness.  Our risk-reduction, education, and HIV testing services provides the community with the tools that best meet individualized needs in preventing HIV infection


Monday through Friday, 8-5


As a single point of entry for people affected by HIV/AIDS, Frannie Peabody Center offers client-centered services that address the unique challenges of each individual. FPC programs mirror the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which aims to reduce new HIV infections, reduce HIV-related health disparities, and increase access to care to optimize health outcomes.

Housing Services
Housing support through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development HOPWA Program provides assistance in the form of mortgage, rent, and utility payments for people living with HIV/AIDS. Housing stability is a key component of sustained health and the reduction of HIV transmission risk.

Case Management
Annually, we serve 400 people living with HIV/AIDS statewide. Our trained case managers provide referrals, transportation, coordination of care, support, and advocacy to help clients meet their medical, psychological, legal, job training, and physical needs.

Behavioral Health
In 2015, Frannie Peabody Center became licensed with the State of Maine as a mental health and substance abuse counseling provider. This recent program expansion offers a critical service with specialized knowledge of HIV/AIDS care, transmission, and risk.

Each year, we screen nearly 700 people for HIV and/or Hepatitis C through The Wayne Fette HIV Testing and Prevention Program. These free, low-barrier services are offered by appointment at our office, or at various off-site locations or special events.